Work Out At Home

Gain access to a huge range of LIVE workouts at home. Get personal training and workout classes, monitor your performance and get fit at home with HOMEFIT.

Work Out at Home

Get a work out from the comfort of your home equal to one you might get at the gym. 

Energy and motivation from the gym at home

Get your camera from as low as £100 and memership for £20 per month. We will notify you when we launch.

Set goals and improve

Set your weight, fitness goals, what you would like to achieve and track your progress. We have built in heart rate monitors to actuartly track your movement

Focus on different areas

We have different instructors focussing on different areas of fitness. Simply book with the session that you want to focus on. You can always change whenver you like!

All from home

With our TV mounted camera, you can work out and get live training from professional trainers from your own home.


Working out at home has never been better. With our monthly membership you can get weekly or daily live workouts with real instrustors from the comfort of your home







Get out of your

Comfort Zone

Work out at home from your own home. Increase your fitness, strength, flexibility and more with our professional trainers.